Sunday, August 22, 2010

Components of a graduate school application

Q. What are the different components of an MS application?

The different components of an MS application are the scores from ETS - GRE and TOEFL, grades (detailed transcripts) from your UG institution, recommendation letters, statement of purpose and optionally, a resume. You need to have these ready before you can apply. You would then create an application on the institute's admissions website, fill in the required details, upload the relevant materials and follow it up by sending rest of the application materials in hardcopy through snail mail. GRE and TOEFL scores are directly communicated to the universities by ETS. For recommendation letters, you usually give the contact details of your recommenders in the online application and the institute then reaches out to them individually. Official transcripts from your college (in sealed envelopes) need to be sent in hard copy to the university. Your SOP and resume would be uploaded while completing the online form.

This is how it usually works. But of course, be sure to read the instructions of your particular university carefully before blindly following the steps mentioned here.

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  1. For TOEFL, from your article it appears as if its a filter to apply to top schools. However, there are subjective opinions about the universities requiring 110+ (students say that having 115+ is a preference in top schools). Is it correct to say that eventually having a score above 100+ is all that matters and one should not worry if its 105 or 115 then? Because applications are not judged on that, they are only filters for the committee? I have scored a 108 and I am in a conundrum as to should i retake it. I have 25+ on all sections so I am skeptical about the same.