Sunday, August 22, 2010


Q. Is the GRE Analytical Writing (AWA) section important?

Yes. Based on my experience as an application reviewer, the importance given to AWA was less than that given to the quantitative section, but definitely more than that given to verbal.

Low AWA scores (<3.5, even 3.5 is borderline) can be a cause for concern.


  1. I got Q-800 V-590 in GRE but scored low in AWA-3.0. Will this create problem for my application?

  2. Same here... i got high score in quant and verbal but 3 in A.W.A ..will this create problem ?

  3. Writing skills need to be perfect along with verbal skills. I have already selected few reputed universities to go for after clearing my law entrance. Already prepared well for my exam with help of esteemed LSAT Prep classes. Confident enough to give exam and achieve my goals.